Family Finance

Our finance guidance for families does not only look at and evaluate your monthly expenses. The guidance includes much more and touches every aspect of your life.

At Atidot, we accompany your family on the way to achieving your life goals by analyzing the economic picture comprehensively, by assessing and evaluating the pension savings under a license from the Ministry of Finance and by jointly developing a concept for your future.
We speak your language and explain every aspect and answer every question with expertise and patience.
The aim is to secure the economic aspects of your family and aligning them with your values and thus helping you to live a balanced life and to contribute to making your dreams come true.

Think about the important things in life, your core values.
– What makes you feel happy, satisfied, rested, fulfilled?
– Are you doing the things that make you feel this way or is something missing, unbalanced, unsatisfactory?
– How many of the things that fulfill you are you unable to do because of money?
– How much of the stress in your life is related to money?
– Is there anything in life that you like to do that is not about money?

Proper management of money is a basic foundation for healthy living in the 21st century.
Just like proper nutrition, exercise, healthy relationships and more. Unfortunately, most of us have not learned in school how to best manage our personal finances.

The truth is, it’s not simple. But, it doesn’t have to be complicated either.

Everyone can do this!

Proper management of personal finances creates peace of mind and a healthy family life. It allows you to live in a way that is true to your values and goals, and of course prepares you for unforeseen difficulties as well as retirement.

We analyze and map each family’s unique financial situation, addressing dilemmas as they arise. We help you find the reasons for these dilemmas and work together on finding new ways for rehabilitation, stabilization and the creation of a new, long-term work plan.

We accompany you with great sensitivity and professionalism. The process is often emotional when numbers play a secondary role. We know how to embrace and support but how sometimes a simple push can make way, towards a bright and stable future.

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