Life Insurance

Like many people coming from abroad and now living in Israel you might be confused by the term “bituach lemekreh mavet” – the so called “death insurance”. Don’t worry – this is what elsewhere is widely known as “Life Insurance” and still, it has some specifics that might need some explaining.

First, please ask yourself the following questions:
– Are you the one providing for your family today?
– What will happen to your family if you die tomorrow?

It is your responsibility to guarantee the financial security of your family in case of your death.
The death of the family provider is tragic and in addition can also lead to a financial catastrophe for the surviving dependents.

It is absolutely necessary to have a reliable life insurance (“bituach lemekreh mavet”) to ensure the financial security of your loved ones.

We will help you analyze and explain what type of insurance to choose and tailor the right insurance for your family’s needs.

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