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Economic and Pension Consulting

Atidot is your reliable long-term partner to guide you to a safe and stable financial future.

Life is not a straight road

Are you ready for what lies ahead?

Have you ever thought about what the future might hold?

Will you always have a job?

Can you give your children a good start on their future?

When you think about retiring – will you be able to fulfill your dreams?

What will happen when you are faced with a health problem – or worse, when you die?

We help you to find answers to these and other questions and to draw the right conclusions.

Saving for the future & your pension
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Savings for retirement are critical in the 21st century. There is no doubt about that. Most of us will reach retirement and – hopefully – enjoy it for many years. Few are familiar with all of the unique characteristics of Israeli pension savings plans and how you can maximize them today in order to reach your golden years with more money.

We are here to explain, guide and improve where it makes sense.

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Retirement consulting and guidance
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Prior to your retirement your need to create a plan which fits the specific needs of your family, e.g.:
– How much monthly allowance will you need?
– Do you want to guarantee additional pension payments after you die?
– Will you need single large withdrawals from your pension fund?
– How much tax will you have to pay? And many more considerations.

We know how to help you with these decisions as well as how to optimize your tax liabilities. 

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Insurances: Life, Health & Travel
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Life can be very unpredictable. Not all challenges can be avoided. But there are some basics you can plan for that will keep you covered.
Do you know:
– What insurances you need?
– How large your life insurance should be?

Atidot specializes in life and health insurance. In our approach, insurance is an economic protection that must fit the individual needs of each family.

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Family Finance
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– Do you feel your life is balanced?
– Is there unrest in your life?
– Do you feel you are not living up to your values?
– Is there tension in your relationship because of your finances?
– If you could – would you live a different life?

Family finance is not only balancing your monthly expenses. It is much more and it influences every aspect of life.

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“We at Atidot have the skills, expertise and experience necessary to guide you and your family through life’s economic challenges.”

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