Health Insurance

Do you trust the public health system to help you deal with of any health issue you might have to face?

If you want to feel you are in the best possible hands:
There are many types of private health insurance solutions.
We will help you find the right ones, for you and your family and provide you with recommendations that meet your needs and your budget. Nowadays there is suitable insurance coverage for almost every conceivable medical issue.

We show you a selection of the most important offers:

Medication Insurance
This insurance pays for medications that are not being covered by  the public health system.

Surgery Insurance
This insurance allows you to set up a consultation with a surgeon of your choice and schedule your surgery when it’s convenient for you.. 

Insurance for International Services
These types of policies offer solutions for using private health care networks abroad in the event of surgeries and transplants.

Insurance for Financial Aid 
This insurance provides financial assistance in the event of cancer diagnosis and other serious illnesses.

White figurines carrying an insured person on a strecher

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