Life, Health & Travel Insurance

Life can be very unpredictable.

Not all challenges can be avoided.
But there are some basics you can plan for that will keep you covered.
Do you know:

– Which insurances you have?
– How much they cost?
– If you need all of them?
– If you are over – or underinsured?
– If your insurances still reflect your needs today?

Equally important:
– How large should my life insurance be?
– What health coverage do I need?

The emphasis of Atidot is to consult and to guide you during this process while providing personal and professional treatment. We offer you an insurance portfolio analysis service that includes detailed guidance and explanations without requiring you to purchase a new insurance policy.

Atidot specializes in life and health insurance. In our approach, insurance is an economic protection that must fit the particular or specific needs of each family.

Furthermore Atidot holds an agency license from the Ministry of Finance for marketing life insurance, pension savings, financial savings, health insurance, travel-abroad insurance and more.

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Life Insurance

First, please ask yourself the following questions:
– Are you the one providing for your family today?
– What will happen to your family if you die tomorrow?
It is your responsibility to guarantee the financial security of your family in case of your death.

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Health Insurance

Do you trust the public health system to help you deal with any health issue you might have to face?

If you want to feel you are in the best possible hands:
There are many types of private health insurance solutions.

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Travel Insurance

An unexpected health issue or injury abroad can be extremely stressful, let alone expensive.

The only way to ease the process is to cover the risk by purchasing a travel insurance prior to the trip.

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